Consulting Services

Service #1

Music Lessons—Violin, Viola, Guitar: classical or acoustic

Whether you are 7 or 107, it’s always a great time to explore and develop your musical gifts. Contact me today for a free 15-minute lesson on either the violin, viola, or guitar. I’d enjoy taking this musical journey with you to find your musical destination!

Lessons are available live or online.

Service #2

Dissertation and Thesis Coaching

Every emerging scholar needs a cheerleader, task-master, friend—a coach to help you to find “the” research question, pursue “the” research answer, and communicate it in a concise, persuasive manner. As a dissertation or thesis coach, I’ll help you:

  • Develop your research question 
  • Design the appropriate study including statistics if needed
  • Macro and micro edit your writing
  • Assist you with formatting
  • Design your PowerPoint/Keynote slides
  • Coach you for the defense 
  • Encourage and assist you through difficult times
  • And most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments

Coaching is available live or online.

Service #3

Presentation Coaching

Through conference and symposium presentations you can disseminate your research findings but also make valuable connections to get the right academic job or opportunity. As a presentation coach, I want to help you design PowerPoint/Keynote slides or poster that will capture attention, create any handouts that can inform your audience, and develop your public speaking style so you can engage an audience.

Coaching is available life or online.

Service #4

My Workshops and Presentations 

Gullah Music and Culture: A Celebration of the Human Spirit

The Gullahs are the direct descendants of the West African slaves who were brought to the United States in the early 1600s. Despite enslavement, they developed a unique Gullah language, cuisine, folktales, games, and of course, music that permeates American culture to this day. In this interactive workshop, we will learn and explore the Gullah culture and celebrate the human spirit. This workshop can be adapted for audiences from elementary school to college and is an excellent way to “kick-off” Black History Month in February. 

Hearing What You See or Seeing What you Hear: Integrating Music and Art

In this interactive workshop, we will discover how the interacting elements of music and art relate. Then we will listen and create artworks based on your responses to the elements. This workshop is appropriate for audiences from elementary school through high school and is a great way to develop sensitivity and appreciation for the arts.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition for Music Professionals: A Prescription for Stress, Energy, and Balance

Music professionals use their bodies like athletes but often don’t maintain a good fitness level. In this interactive workshop, we’ll perform various physical warm-ups and exercises that can benefit anyone in the music profession. Nutritional ideas will also be explored. This workshop is appropriate for music educators, pedagogues, performers, and individuals in the music industry.

Developing a Relational Mindset for Connectedness and Spiritual Wellness

All of us have a desire to build relationships and to connect with others; it is essential in any environment or organization. In this thought-provoking presentation, I will define the term, “relational mindset,” explore three indicators (communication, empathy, and worthiness), discuss possible descriptors for your environment or organization, and explore the practices of the relational mindset. This presentation is appropriate for business and educational environments.